Just Thinking

I used to think that anything less than an 'A' was a failure but now I'm happy with just passing my exams. Man, when you think about it, people change without even realizing it. They change slowly but surely, sometimes for the better and other times, for the worse (unfortunately). All these changes happens so gradually, they themselves will not realize that they have changed until one day when they get a chance and sit down and ponder upon what has happened so far in their lives and they will go " Hey, I wasn't like this before." It's strange thinking about it, it gives comfort yet at the same time it makes me anxious because there's one thing about me that has yet to change - fear of the unknown and uncertain. This post probably don't make much sense to a lot people but I don't really care because this is simply how I feel and as long as someone understands it, it's all good.

Another Week in Volgograd and My First Birthday Away from Home

Alrighty then, here's more chronicles in Volgograd. Well, let's see........ This week was a somewhat interesting one. I think it will be better if I used the format I used in one of my other posts, it's much more organised and helps my post not look so pathetically short. OK then, here's how my week went.

Monday: Just another mundane Monday. Woke up in the morning feeling tired > got ready > went to uni > (7 Hours later) go back to hostel> chores, chill, homework > bed time. Told you it was mundane. Pretty much every Monday has been like this here and every monday, I will be wishing that my weekend is a tad bit longer but guess I just have to live with it, Haha!!

Tuesday: Started out like any other Tuesday - boring but much better than monday. My schedule for this morning is more or less the same as Monday~ Wake up > cook > got ready > Go to uni for 7 hrs. After Uni, things got a bit more interesting. At 3 pm, we had a excursion to the city planetarium with our curator (the lecturer in charge of out tutorial group). This trip was rather interesting ( it would've been more interesting if I could understand Russian better or if the tour guide in the planetarium spoke English.). Anyways, we walked to the planetarium as it was not far, it took bout 20 minutes to get there. The planetarium building was way cool ( at least I think so, the pics of the building can be seen in fb in my photos). The tour of the planetarium was nice, got to see all sorts of stuff, ranging from model satellites to meteorites. There's also portraits and sculptures of some people famous in the field such as Yuri Gagarin - first man in space. After the tour of the displays was a demonstration of a simple experiment to show that the earth rotates consisting of a large pendulum, a closed space (which in this case is the room) to prevent air movement from affecting the swing of the pendulum, a scale, and block of wood placed near the pendulum. The pendulum will swing back and forth and after a while it will hit the wooden block. After the demonstration, we went and see a show bout space. It was interesting but most of us fell asleep halfway through. There are a few reasons that happened:
1-We were tired.
2-It was dark and the music was soothing
3-We had no idea what the presenter was saying.
That's it for the excursion. After that, we went back to the hostel and it was business as usual.
Wednesday: Classes start later so woke up later but schedule remains similar - woke up > cook > got ready > class > lunch > more class > back to hostel. Today's chem lecture was better than usual - I could understand the lecturer's English.

Thursday: Just another day - same schedule -had weekly control test (not a big deal).

Friday: Again just another day.
Saturday(Today): Well, this is my first birthday outside M'sia. The day din't really start out too well - woke up late cos my cellphone ran out of juice so my alarm din't ring. I ended up multitasking like heck - reheated food, brushed, dressed, everything in 30 minutes and trust me when I say that I'm no good at multi tasking. Why? Well, my food ended up a bit burned, my hair was messy (hid the mess with my bandanna), nearly forget my wallet and documents and my cellphone still uncharged (thank goodness I had a spare and even that was low on battery.) Hurried to Uni and luckily I wasn't late (pretty sure that this teacher would have had a cow is I was). After that, it was just another Russian Language lesson. During our second recess, my pals took out a cake and surprised me (at least they tried to, I was actually half expecting something like that since they done it on another friend before. ). But still, it was very nice and I was very happy 'bout it but strangely enough, people keep saying I looked sad, dunno why though. It was the most interesting 20 minute party ever and I'm glad that they did it for me.

Well, that's all for this week and I'm sure there will be more interesting stuff to come so more chronicles in Volgograd from this lazy blogger next time.

Another Not Very Interesting Week

Here's more chronicles of this lazy blogger in Volgograd. Let's see, hmm.......... Well, as the title implies, it hasn't been all that eventful this week so it's a bit of a challenge to think of something to write. Well, this week we had one more day of break than other weeks because Wednesday was a holiday.

That day, our seniors invited us to play paintball with them but since I'm such a lazy fella, I refused so now regretfully, I hv nothing particularly interesting to write about. Let's see....... here's something that maybe some what interesting (though I seriously doubt it): we had a small gathering where we ate and chatted together with some of our seniors (we did the cooking....... well, my floormates did most of the work, I woke up late so I ended up only doing some cutting and eating ......... talk 'bout lazy, huh?). Our seniors had quite a some interesting stories to tell, and I laugh so hard when I heard some of them, I had tears streaming out my eyes.

Well, I'm not sure what else to write so this post ends here but if I think of something I will post it so more chronicles from this lazy blogger next time.